Industry-Driven Healthcare Apprenticeship Program

The Missouri Chamber, through the Department of Economic Development and the American Rescue Plan Act, is supporting jobs in the health care industry.

The Missouri Chamber Foundation has secured funding to launch the Industry-Driven Healthcare Apprenticeship Program, with a $3 million ARPA grant and a $1.35 million federal appropriation. Drawing inspiration from the successful Industry-Driven IT Apprenticeship Grant presently managed by the Missouri Chamber Foundation, this initiative focuses on health care professions. 


During the grant cycle spanning January 2023 to January 2026, employers engaging in the program will be awarded $2,000 for each apprentice they train. These participating employers will form a consortium alongside experienced employer mentors who have previously established effective apprenticeship initiatives. Facilitating networking opportunities, the Missouri Chamber Foundation will allow employer partners to exchange best practices and insights.


With the aim of training up to 1,500 apprentices via this grant, a key objective is cultivating a diverse workforce. The proposal inherently includes provisions to engage individuals from various backgrounds, encompassing people of color, those with low income, the unemployed and underemployed, disabled individuals and veteran workers. The program is aligned with the ARPA Workforce grant’s intention, striving to transition over 95 percent of trained apprentices into permanent full-time employees.

The Program by the Numbers


individual apprentices served




The Missouri Chamber works hard to ​​level the playing field by diversifying the workforce and providing life-changing economic opportunity for individuals.


15 %

Nearly 15% of apprentices are male

7 %

Missourians served by this grant have a disability

2 %

Missourians served by this grant are veterans

Source: Missouri Chamber Foundation

Stats reflect latest data as of May 24, 2024

Apprenticeship Occupation Pathways

Health care apprenticeships can follow many different paths. Here are a few:

Medical Assistant


Dental Assistant

Surgical Technician

Certified Nursing Assistant


Pharmacy Technician

Medical Coder

Radiology/CT Technician

Bio-Medical Equipment Technician

current health care providers

Take a look at some of the businesses we are currently working with as a part of this industry apprenticeship grant. To learn more about applying for an apprenticeship with one of our partner health care providers, click on their logo below.


Looking for more information about the Industry-Driven Healthcare Apprenticeship Program or what Missouri is doing to boost the industry? Contact Lori Bonnot or Katie Kirwan.

Lori Bonnot

Director of Workforce/Grants


Katie Kirwan

Grant Outreach and Project Manager


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