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The best way to break down barriers between business and education is to bring influential educators, counselors and administrators into Missouri’s businesses.

Show-Me Careers is a professional development program and state network for educators, counselors and administrators to learn firsthand about relevant career pathways in today’s business and industry settings. The program provides a unique, hands-on learning experience inside small, medium and large companies in the key industry sectors of a region. Through these externship experiences, education professionals gain a more robust understanding of the technical skills, behaviors and mindsets that students need in order to be successful in today’s professional environments.


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The Missouri Chamber has established Show-Me Careers programs in Kansas City and St. Louis, while all others are run through their local chambers. We also offer turnkey services — which were used to establish Show-Me Careers in Columbia and Cape Girardeau — for those wishing to start a program in their area.



September 26-27

Southeast Missouri

October 10-11


rootEd Program

October 21-22


rootEd Program

November 6-7

St. Joseph

rootEd Program

November 14-16


rootEd Program


June 2-6

St. Louis

June 9-13

Kansas City

June 23-27



Southeast Missouri

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50-60 middle and high school educators, counselors and administrators representing area school districts that are participating in the program.

Every location is unique and offers a slightly different perspective, which adds great value and diversity to the week. On-site activities range from presentations, panel discussions and tours to mini job shadowing, hands-on activities or other forms of engagement during the industry visits. The amount of time visitors will be on-site will dictate what is possible. For example, during a two-hour visit, it may be difficult to run a hands-on activity or a more personalized job shadowing, whereas for four hours, this would be expected of the employer host.    

The cohort travels as one group by charter bus to each location during the week. Once on site, the group can be split up into smaller groups as needed. Please feel free to take this into account for planning of tours, presentations, shadowing, panel discussions or any hands-on activities that you develop. 

To provide a solid experience for all involved, and to show a solid dedication to the development of these education professionals, we expect that a member or members of the company’s C-suite will speak or engage with the group during the time on site. Many times, the president/CEO or lead plant/facility manager will speak to the group about the overview of the industry/company and the ethos of building talent within the organization.

Any materials on the company, career pathways available or HR incentives are encouraged. If you have academic-focused materials developed and available, they too may be distributed.  Any hand-outs or giveaway items are welcomed and can be distributed ahead of time in the pre-flight bag or while at your place of business.

Educators, counselors and administrators walk away with a better understanding of your industry and career pathways, and a sincere understanding of the vital role that your business plays in the local economy.

We hope that your company will be open to follow-up engagement in the school year and beyond with these educators for a variety of activities. These could range from classroom presentations and co-teaching a lesson, student internships and job shadowing to client projects either for students or teachers, and beyond.

Participants will have expert, facilitated career pathway curriculum that they can use in the classroom or counseling office in the academic year and beyond.

The Show-Me Careers program breaks down community barriers and strengthens local talent pipelines, bridging the gap between business and education.

Local chambers of commerce and other community business organizations can become regional/community providers by subscribing to the state network at nominal costs and energy. 

When you become a lead community partner, you receive the following:

  • Overarching program framework that includes a detailed planning guide, communications plan with content, program agenda templates, curriculum and materials for attendees, and other supporting materials.
  • Technical support from start to finish on developing the local program in accordance with the state model.
  • Application and supporting online resource-sharing portal with a local hub for your community.
  •  Initial program support materials, printed flyers, materials and pop-up banners.
  • Access to the Kauffman Foundation’s powerful Real World Learning (RWL) aspects of Market Value Assets (MVA) and Client Connected Projects (CCP) material.
  • Supporting network engagement opportunities, data and reporting, and more.


Kathy Osborn monochrome portrait photograph.
Kathy Osborn

President & CEO Regional Business Council – St. Louis

By providing educators and counselors with a better understanding of these careers, of the shortages that exist, and of the skills necessary for students to qualify for them, Show-Me Careers will help shrink the skills gap and provide promising pathways for thousands of individuals looking for employment. That is why RBC and is pleased to partner with Show-Me Careers.


Reach out to Brian Crouse, VP of Education Programs, for any questions about existing programs or about establishing one in your area.

Brian Crouse

Vice President of Education Programs



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