Industry-Driven IT Apprenticeship Grant Program

The Missouri Chamber is helping to diversify and strengthen the IT industry
through the Closing the Skills Gap grant.

Through the Industry-Driven IT Apprenticeship Program, the Missouri Chamber Foundation provides support to IT companies that are creating or expanding registered apprenticeship programs.


The Missouri Chamber Foundation provides an $800-$1,200 reimbursement per apprentice trained by participating companies, while the companies in the grant serve as mentors to each other and share best practices to improve their training and recruiting systems.


Over the four years of the grant, the Missouri Chamber Foundation will help train more than 5,300 IT apprentices. This program is made possible by a $6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.



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The Program by the Numbers

Stats reflect latest data as of February 26, 2024


individual apprenticeships served since March 2020

85 %

of apprentices retained as employees after program completion


average yearly salary of apprentices who completed the program


The Missouri Chamber works hard to ​​level the playing field by diversifying the workforce and providing life-changing economic opportunity for individuals.



40 %

Nearly 40% of apprentices are female

49 %

Nearly 48% of apprentices are people of color

201 %

Missourians served by this grant have a disability

114 %

Missourians served by this grant are veterans

Source: Missouri Chamber Foundation

Apprenticeship Occupation Pathways

IT industry apprenticeships can follow many different paths. Here are a few:


Business Analyst

System Engineer

Technical Solution Analyst

Software Engineer

Cyber Security Support Technician

Software Developer (IT Specialist)

Senior Analyst

Technology Analyst

Health Care Product Consultant

AIA Associate

IoT Engineer

Security Analyst

Customer Success Engineer

current employer partners

Take a look at some of the businesses we are currently working with as a part of this industry apprenticeship grant. To learn more about applying for an apprenticeship with one of our business partners, click on their logo below.


To learn more about working with us, click here.


Looking for more information about the Closing the Skills Gap grant or what Missouri is doing to boost the industry? Contact Katie Kirwan or Lori Bonnot.

Katie Kirwan

Grant Outreach and Project Manager


Lori Bonnot

Director of Workforce/Grants



Jessica Cassidy monochrome portrait photograph.
Amber Lowry

Chief of Staff at CyberUp

CyberUp appreciates Missouri Chamber’s dedication to spreading the word about apprenticeships and the thoughtfulness behind promoting best practices to help make apprenticeship adoption easy for everyone. Their adaptivity to constantly improve the success of the program is great and refreshing to see.

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