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Missouri Chamber supports legislation to reform class action lawsuit process

May 09, 2024

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is backing a tort reform bill that would simplify the rules surrounding class action lawsuits. SB 1509, sponsored by Sen. Curtis Trent (R-Springfield), […]

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Bill to modify Missouri’s statute of limitations supported by Missouri Chamber

April 19, 2024

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a longtime supporter of legislation that would reform the state’s civil justice system. Legislation that would reduce the statute of limitations for […]

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Missouri Chamber seeks clarity through Supreme Court brief

February 23, 2024

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has filed an amicus brief with the United States Supreme Court in an effort to bring more certainty to the litigation process. In […]

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St. Louis Ranks No. 8 in Judicial Hellholes® Report

December 05, 2023

St. Louis has once again captured national attention, securing the No. 8 spot on the American Tort Reform Foundation’s (ATRF) 2023-2024 Judicial Hellholes® report. This marks the tenth year that […]

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Missouri lawmakers consider critical legal reform legislation

March 24, 2023

Lawmakers are considering several pieces of legislation that would bring much-needed reform to Missouri’s legal system. On Tuesday, March 21, the House General Laws Committee heard testimony on five tort […]

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Senate committee hears testimony in favor of bill to change statute of limitations

January 24, 2023

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry feels state lawmakers should evaluate whether the state’s statute of limitations in certain civil cases, including personal injury claims, best serves all parties […]

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Addressing predatory litigation lending

May 26, 2022

The litigation lending industry is a financial practice that fuels lawsuits by providing “up-front” cash (with sky-high interest rates of up to 200 percent plus additional fees) to individual plaintiffs […]

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Bill could trigger flood of new lawsuits against businesses

April 21, 2022

The Missouri House of Representatives has passed an egregious, anti-business bill that seeks to benefit trial attorneys at the expense of Missouri’s job creators. House Bill 1692 would create the […]

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Critical legal reform blocked in Senate

April 07, 2022

Missouri’s outdated statute of limitations is creating costly delays in our state’s legal system. Currently, plaintiffs are allowed to delay filing personal injury lawsuits for up to five years — that’s double […]

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Enhancing oversight of work comp judges

March 25, 2022

Administrative law judges play a critical role in Missouri’s workers’ compensation system — including settling disputes over injury payments. However, under current state law, the judges themselves operate with very […]

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House committee approves critical legal reform bill

March 10, 2022

A Missouri House committee has approved a critical litigation reform bill in an effort to improve the state’s legal climate. House Bill 2206 focuses on Missouri’s outdated, litigation-friendly statute of […]

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Bill proposes modifying statute of limitations for more timely justice

March 02, 2022

Missouri plaintiffs currently have a five-year statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits, one of the longest in the country — double or more the amount of time provided by […]

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Two small legal reforms would make big improvement to court fairness

February 17, 2022

This week, a House committee took a look at two legal reform proposals to bring more fairness to cases involving employers. COLLATERAL SOURCE When a plaintiff wins an injury lawsuit, […]

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Missouri is one of only four states that let claimants stall for five years before filing a lawsuit

January 11, 2022

Legal climate ranking is frequently a large factor weighed by site selectors and employers seeking to expand or relocate. Though the Missouri Chamber has successfully advocated for several notable legal […]

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New report places onus on St. Louis courts to implement legal climate reforms

December 07, 2021

St. Louis has yet again been labeled a “Judicial Hellhole” in a new report from the American Tort Reform Foundation. While the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has successfully […]

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Gov. Parson signs Senate Bill 51 to stop frivolous COVID-19 litigation

July 09, 2021

With the stroke of a pen, Gov. Mike Parson has ensured that Missouri’s businesses will not fall victim to frivolous, job-crushing COVID-19 lawsuits. The Missouri Chamber’s call for action on […]

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Getting ahead of the wave: With lawsuits on the rise, Missouri Chamber fights to curb frivolous COVID-19 litigation

January 08, 2021

It’s not hard to see it coming. While Missouri continues to confront the immediate challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, another concern is rising on the horizon: an incoming wave of […]

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Dan Mehan: Stopping the wave

January 08, 2021

There are many challenges ahead as lawmakers begin the 2021 Legislative Session. But one issue should be clear cut: The legislature must immediately act to stop opportunistic COVID-19 lawsuits. Unlike […]

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Missouri is in session: Governor, House Speaker call for COVID-19 liability protections

January 07, 2021

The 2021 Missouri Legislative Session is off to a strong start as Gov. Mike Parson and new House Speaker Rob Vescovo both took time on the opening day to call […]

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A plan for economic recovery: Missouri Chamber releases 2021 Legislative Agenda

December 30, 2020

As lawmakers prepare to return to Jefferson City for the 2021 Legislative Session, the Missouri Chamber is releasing its Legislative Agenda to help guide our state’s economic recovery amid the […]

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Stop job-crushing lawsuits: Gov. Parson signs legal climate reforms into law

July 01, 2020

Gov. Mike Parson has signed a critical piece of legislation to reform Missouri’s job-crushing legal climate. The governor signed Senate Bill 591 into law on July 1 during stops in […]

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Missouri Business and the Promise of Punitive Damages Reform

June 09, 2020

By Victor E. Schwartz, co-chair, Public Policy Group, Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. Governor Mike Parson has significant legislation on his desk to improve justice with respect to punitive damage […]

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More than 500 co-signers join call for special session to stop COVID-19 lawsuits

June 03, 2020

Underscoring the need for urgent action, more than 500 Missouri businesses, organizations and individuals have signed a letter asking Gov. Mike Parson to call a special session and address the […]

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Bringing transparency & fairness to asbestos litigation

February 06, 2020

A House committee heard a bill on Feb. 4 that would stop trial lawyers from “double-dipping” in asbestos lawsuits. There is concern that trial lawyers are depleting asbestos trust resources […]

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