April 21, 2022 Less than a minute read

Bill could trigger flood of new lawsuits against businesses

The Missouri House of Representatives has passed an egregious, anti-business bill that seeks to benefit trial attorneys at the expense of Missouri’s job creators.

House Bill 1692 would create the grounds for a potential flood of lawsuits in Missouri, allowing trial attorneys to target businesses over employer vaccination policies. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Mitchell Boggs, a Republican from LaRussell.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to lead the fight against this legislation and dozens of similar bills being considered by the Missouri General Assembly.

Hundreds of Missouri business leaders have signed a Missouri Chamber letter against government efforts to meddle with the vaccination decisions made by employers.

Our position is simple: we should let business decide.

“It is extremely disappointing to see this job-killing legislation advancing. This is government overreach. This is anti-business. This legislation hurts our economy and endangers our legal climate,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber. “The Missouri business community strongly opposes this legislation. We urge our lawmakers to set aside these anti-business proposals. Instead, Missouri lawmakers should focus on supporting businesses as they recover from the pandemic and get Missourians back to work. We should focus on policies — including vitally needed workforce reforms — that can sustain our recovery and work together to grow our economy.”


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