Learn how to get an affordable insurance plan for your small business through the Chamber Benefit Plan.

About the Chamber Benefit Plan

The Chamber Benefit Plan allows smaller employers like you to offer quality health care coverage to your employees at a reasonable price. This innovative plan from the Missouri Chamber Federation uses a multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) model to enable small businesses to join together and share in the overall claims risk by being part of a larger self-funded pool. Learn more about eligibility in our FAQ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your business to be eligible to participate in the Chamber Benefit Plan, you must:

  • Have 2–50 eligible employees enrolled in your medical plan
  • Be domiciled in Missouri
  • Be in good standing with the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry or your local participating chamber that satisfies the Missouri Department of Insurance requirements

You do not need to be a chamber member in order to receive a quote. We encourage you to contact a broker for a quote before submitting a membership application.

The MEWA model allows small business employers to join together in a self-funded pool to share in the overall claims risk.

Yes, there are options for dental and vision plans. You may be eligible for a medical discount by bundling dental and vision with your medical coverage.

Yes, the Chamber Benefit Plan offers Health Savings Accounts through Central Bank. Learn more here.

If the business is headquartered in Missouri, out-of-state offices and employees are also eligible for the Chamber Benefit Plan. In fact, the plan has members in every state in the U.S.

The Chamber Benefit Plan is available on Blue Access, Blue Access Choice and Blue Preferred health networks through Anthem. Dental and Blue View Vision Network are also through Anthem.

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Your employees with a High Deductible Health Plan will automatically receive a free, fully integrated HSA. Central Bank’s HSA works seamlessly with the Chamber Benefit Plan.

Learn more about this perk.

With Paytient's Health Payment Account (HPA) your team is enabled to split healthcare and pharmacy costs over time


With Paytient’s Health Payment Account (HPA) your team is enabled to split health care and pharmacy costs over time — without interest, fees or credit impact. Available for Chamber Benefit Plan members at no cost starting 6/1/24.

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Program Testimonials

Small businesses all across our state are saving money by using the Chamber Benefit Plan. Hear from Missouri leaders about how this plan provides great, affordable coverage for their businesses.

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Janet Quillman

More for Less Remodeling

It’s a great plan. It has saved us a ton of money. Before that, our health insurance was through the roof, so it’s been a big savings. We’re just really happy with it.


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The Transparency in Coverage Act requires health plans to post machine-readable files (MRFs) that can be read by other computer systems which disclose detailed pricing data regarding network negotiated rates for items and services, and historical payments to and billed charges from out-of-network providers.  This button is a link to our MRFs, which are in the CMS defined format (JSON) and are not meant for a member-friendly search of rates, benefits, or cost sharing. Members should log in to for this information.

Transparency in Coverage Act

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