January 31, 2020 Less than a minute read

House passes license reciprocity bill

A bill to expand Missouri’s occupational license reciprocity laws has passed the House of Representatives.

House Bill 2046 would allow skilled professionals who are already licensed in another state to come to Missouri and fill open jobs right away.

“It is a worker freedom bill. It is an opportunity bill. It is a way for us to fill the workforce needs that we have in our state today without costing a dime,” said House Bill 2046 sponsor Rep. Derek Grier on the House floor.

Low unemployment has led to tens of thousands of jobs waiting to be filled in Missouri, said Grier.

“There’s a lot of economic activity that’s not happening because of that. Now one way we can address that challenge is to enable people with those needed skills to come to Missouri and fill those jobs…Right now, people who have a license in another state may be required, when they come to Missouri, to complete duplicative training, wait for months, and often encounter stiff barriers to entry,” Grier said.

The Missouri Chamber is in strong support of HB 2046, which will now be considered by the Senate. Read our previous coverage of this legislation.

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