July 28, 2021 2 min read

COVID Stops Here: 100 Missouri workplaces achieve vaccination benchmark

In less than two weeks, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s COVID Stops Here pro-vaccination campaign has already honored more than 100 businesses that have achieved widespread vaccination against COVID-19.

The Missouri Chamber developed the campaign as a way to highlight employers that are leading at a critical time to fight the spread of COVID-19 — particularly the dangerous Delta variant — and encourage more workplaces to promote the importance of getting vaccinated. Many local chambers of commerce have joined the campaign via the Missouri Chamber Federation and are encouraging businesses in their communities to participate.

A full list of organizations that have achieved COVID Stops Here status is available at: mocahmber.dreamhosters.com/CovidStopsHere. These workplaces span a wide variety of industries and business types, including: health care, hospitality, education, legal services, retail, media and many more.

“We believe every workplace can be a leader on vaccination, and it’s important that they do so because vaccination is key to Missouri’s economic recovery. It is encouraging to see so many employers taking the lead on vaccination as we work to help Missouri finally stop this pandemic. Our COVID Stops Here designation signals that a workplace is a safe, healthy environment for employees and customers. The simple fact is getting vaccinated is good for business and good for our economy,” said Daniel P. Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO. “The Missouri Chamber is proud to celebrate the efforts of so many organizations that are leading on vaccination in their communities. Let’s continue working together to make sure COVID stops here.”

COVID Stops Here designations are tiered with workplaces able to apply for Gold (90% vaccinated), Silver (80% vaccinated) and Bronze (70% vaccinated) designations. The vast majority of workplaces that have achieved COVID Stops Here status are at the Gold level. Once approved, workplaces receive signage as well as a media kit to help promote their status to their community and encourage others to join them. The website also includes resources for employers that are still working to achieve widespread vaccination among their staff members.

Any organization with a 70%+ employee vaccination rate is welcome to apply for a COVID Stops Here designation at mocahmber.dreamhosters.com/CovidStopsHere. For more information or questions, call (573) 634-3511.

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