July 27, 2021 Less than a minute read

CDC revises masking guidelines to curb COVID-19 spike

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced July 27 that all individuals in high transmission areas, regardless of vaccination status, are urged to wear masks indoors.

The announcement comes as COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, largely due to the spread of the more contagious Delta variant.

“In recent days I have seen new scientific data from recent outbreak investigations showing that that Delta variant behaves uniquely differently from past strains of the virus that cause Covid-19…This new science is worrisome and unfortunately warrants an update to our recommendations,” said CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

Because of this, Walensky said the CDC now recommends that people in areas with “high” or “substantial” Covid-19 transmission should resume wearing masks indoors. Click here to see the map indicating which areas of the country — including nearly all of Missouri — fall into the new guidance. Learn more at cdc.gov/coronavirus.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Coronavirus disease 2019
Levels of COVID-19 transmission in the US as of July 25. Source: CDC

The Missouri Chamber continues to promote vaccination as the key to the recovery of our public health and economy.

Businesses whose workforce is 70%+ vaccinated can participate in the Missouri Chamber’s COVID Stops Here campaign, an initiative that honors workplaces that have achieved widespread vaccination.

Employers can learn more and apply for a COVID Stops Here designation at mocahmber.dreamhosters.com/CovidStopsHere. The website also includes resources for employers that are still working to achieve widespread vaccination among their staff members.

Once approved, COVID Stops Here workplaces receive signage as well as a media kit to help promote their status to their community and encourage others to join them.


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