January 18, 2018 Less than a minute read

Confirmed: Senate approves Rob Dixon, Anna Hui as department heads

The Missouri Senate has confirmed Rob Dixon and Anna Hui as directors of two departments that are critical to the future of the state’s economy. Dixon will serve as director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development and Hui is now the director of the Missouri Department of Labor. Both have led their respective departments since they were appointed to their jobs by Gov. Eric Greitens last year. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry strongly supports the Senate’s action to confirm both leaders.

Photography portraits of Rob Dixon and Anna Hui.
Rob Dixon and Anna Hui

“Rob Dixon will be a strong asset to the state as director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development. He is a proven professional who knows how to attract jobs and business investment. Since his appointment, Dixon has already brought a new level of energy, leadership and creativity to economic development in Missouri,” said Dan Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO. “Dixon also understands the importance of having a statewide strategic plan for growth and he supports the Missouri Chamber’s work on the Missouri 2030 plan. We look forward to collaborating with Dixon to find ways to improve Missouri’s competitiveness, build a stronger workforce and unite the business community on big ideas that have the potential to further improve the outlook for our state’s economy.”

The Missouri Chamber looks forward to working with Hui on initiatives to help improve the state’s workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance systems.

“Anna Hui is already working to bring the business and labor communities together to work on issues that benefit all Missourians. She has the right background to help find positive solutions to some of the challenges facing the labor department today, including reforming our state’s workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance systems,” said Mehan. “We thank the Senate for their quick work to confirm both Dixon and Hui. We look forward to working with both leaders and we wish them the best.”


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