2020 Business Champions

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry recognized 116 members of the Missouri General Assembly as Business Champions on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020. The Business Champion designation recognizes state lawmakers who supported policies during the 2020 Legislative Session to grow our economy and make Missouri a more competitive place to do business.

“The Business Champion program is our way of thanking Missouri’s top pro-business lawmakers for their commitment to growing our economy,” said Missouri Chamber President and CEO Daniel P. Mehan. “The Missouri General Assembly was successful in passing several pro-business policies during the 2020 Legislative Session. We applaud our Business Champions for their leadership and we look forward to working alongside them to continue our progress in 2021 and beyond.”

The following lawmakers are recognized as 2020 Business Champions for their work to advance pro-business legislation:


Read this special publication highlighting the Missouri Chamber’s 2020 Business Champions.

Business Champions — Senate

Lauren Arthur
Mike Bernskoetter
Justin Brown
Mike Cierpiot
Sandy Crawford
Mike Cunningham
Dan Hegeman
Denny Hoskins
Lincoln Hough
Andrew Koenig
Doug Libla
Tony Luetkemeyer
Karla May
Cindy O’Laughlin
Jeanie Riddle
John Rizzo
Caleb Rowden
David Sater
Dave Schatz
Scott Sifton
Wayne Wallingford
Gina Walsh
William White
Paul Wieland
Brian Williams

Business Champions — House

Sonya Anderson
Allen Andrews
Jerome Barnes
Charles Basye
Hardy Billington
John Black
Rusty Black
Jack Bondon
Robert Bromley
Jason Chipman
Philip Christofanelli
Jeff Coleman
Mary Elizabeth Coleman
Scott Cupps
Dirk Deaton
Bruce DeGroot
Chris Dinkins
Dean Dohrman
J. Eggleston
Karla Eslinger
J. Craig Fishel
Travis Fitzwater
Rick Francis
Elaine Gannon
David Gregory
Derek Grier
Aaron Griesheimer
Dave Griffith
Elijah Haahr
Kent Haden
Mike Haffner
Tom Hannegan
Jim Hansen
Steve Helms
Mike Henderson
Ron Hicks
Justin Hill
Dan Houx
Barry Hovis
Brad Hudson
Jeffery Justus
Ann Kelley
Hannah Kelly
Jeff Knight
Glen Kolkmeyer
Tony Lovasco
Steve Lynch
Don Mayhew
Peggy McGaugh
Mike McGirl
Rocky Miller
Lynn Morris
Herman Morse
David Muntzel
Jim Murphy
Michael O’Donnell
Jonathan Patterson
Donna Pfautsch
Randy Pietzman
Patricia Pike
Dean Plocher
Bradley Pollitt
Suzie Pollock
Jeff Porter
Raychel Proudie
Holly Rehder
Tim Remole
Doug Richey
Louis Riggs
Lane Roberts
Shane Roden
Becky Ruth
Adam Schnelting
Greg Sharpe
Dan Shaul
Brenda Shields
John Simmons
Cody Smith
Sheila Solon
Chrissy Sommer
Dan Stacy
Mike Stephens
Kathryn Swan
Jered Taylor
Cheri Toalson Reisch
Curtis Trent
Rob Vescovo
Sara Walsh
John Wiemann
David Wood
Dale Wright