Missouri Tech Alliance

Missouri Technology Alliance

Missouri Tech Alliance


The Missouri Tech Alliance is designed to unite Missouri’s tech community behind a statewide, data-driven, solutions oriented strategy of policy and programs to maximize Missouri’s position as a top state for tech job growth. We must proactively educate the public and key decision makers on the economic benefits of becoming a state that actively embraces technology and leads in investment in research and development. Similarly, we must cultivate a culture that attracts and retains skilled tech workers.

We believe that we can create a booming economic environment for the tech industry through our renowned research and a strong advocacy team in Jefferson City. Furthermore, our concentrated efforts to brand Missouri as a leading state for tech companies will help retain our outstanding tech companies, attract new ones, and build a workforce ready to excel in both the software and hardware-focused jobs of today and tomorrow.

Do you want to help make Missouri a technology and innovation hub? Contact Kara Corches, who is heading up the Missouri Tech Alliance, at kcorches@mochamber.com.

What areas of tech are growing fastest in Missouri?
What are Missouri’s greatest strengths?
What are our greatest opportunities?

We have the answers. To explore the impact of the tech sector and its potential for Missouri, the Missouri Chamber Foundation commissioned Economic Leadership LLC to conduct a second review of the tech industry, with an additional focus on COVID and post-pandemic opportunities. This report provides comparisons of Missouri to other states, including tech labor trends and diversity, research and development infrastructure, venture capital and entrepreneurship. The Technology2030 Report aims to understand tech trends in Missouri and highlight areas where the state could improve its knowledge economy to be even more attractive to tech firms seeking to relocate or expand.

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