March 3, 2020 Less than a minute read

Senate committee passes license reciprocity bill

It’s a commonsense idea: If you’ve earned a professional license in another state, you shouldn’t have to start over from scratch when you move to Missouri.

However, many professionals coming into our state currently have to complete redundant training and often face a long wait before being able to work.

A bill aiming to address this by expanding Missouri’s occupational license reciprocity laws is making progress through the state legislature.

After its passage by the House of Representatives in late January, House Bill 2046 was heard by a Senate committee on Feb. 24. The committee then passed the bill on March 2. This measure would allow skilled professionals who are already licensed in another state to come to Missouri and fill open jobs right away without needing to jump through additional hurdles.

Bill sponsor Rep. Derek Grier has touted the legislation as a way to “fill the workforce needs that we have in our state today without costing a dime.”

The Missouri Chamber is strongly supporting HB 2046. Removing barriers to licensure is part of the Preparing the Workforce driver in our strategic initiative Missouri 2030. In a state where only 44 percent of Missouri business owners are satisfied with the availability of skilled workers, expanding license reciprocity will help attract much-needed workers.

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