October 10, 2018 Less than a minute read

Vote No on Amendment 1 – Here’s why

On Nov. 6, Missouri voters will have to decide whether or not to approve Amendment 1, a disingenuous, out-of-state effort to upend Missouri’s political system.

Amendment 1 – deceptively nicknamed “Clean Missouri” by its supporters – is funded by millions in dark money. It is an underhanded attempt to tinker with Missouri’s constitution and redraw the lines that define how Missouri is divided into state House and Senate districts. If Amendment 1 passes, it could lead to a radical shift in priorities in the Missouri General Assembly, opening the door to higher taxes and more bureaucratic regulation. It could also reverse long-running efforts to make our state business friendly and competitive for growth and investment opportunities.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry opposes Amendment 1. Here’s why. 



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