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Two House bills expand business-education partnerships, career awareness

Two workforce development House bills that promote business-education partnerships, career awareness and real-world skills were voted out of the Senate Education Committee on April 10.

Both bills are sponsored by Rep. Jeanie Lauer, a Republican from Blue Springs.

“Workforce development is part education, part economic development, and certainly [ties] in to the employers for what they need for the work pool. We’re trying to pull all those things together so that we can make sure we have a work pool for our existing businesses and for any businesses that might want to come to Missouri,” said Lauer.

House Bill 1415
Similar to internships for students, externships are opportunities for educators to experience workplaces in the community related to what they teach. Lauer said HB 1415 allows teachers to count their time spent in externships as professional development hours, helping them bring real world skills back into their classrooms.

House Bill 1455
This bill requires high schools and higher education institutions to provide career information to students.

“That will show where the jobs are at, what kind of salaries that they might be expecting, what licensures might be required, what skillsets they might need,” said Lauer.

The two bills are now on their way to the Senate floor.

Looking forward, Lauer encouraged Missouri businesses to make their voices heard in the ongoing workforce development effort by contacting their senators and representatives.

“Let us know what the needs are for talent and where you’re seeing the gaps,” said Lauer.

As one of the main drivers of Missouri 2030, workforce development continues to be a top priority for the Missouri Chamber. Expanding business-education partnerships, as well as facilitating more career awareness and real-world skills in classrooms, are key steps toward ensuring that Missouri’s students are well-equipped for the jobs of the future.

For more information contact Ryan Stauffer at rstauffer@mochamber.com or 573.634.3511.

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