October 21, 2020 2 min read

Report cites ways to make Missouri leading logistics hub

Today the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry released a highly anticipated report with recommendations to help the state grow as a leading logistics hub: Transportation2030.

“Our transportation infrastructure could be one of the greatest economic opportunities for our state — or one of the greatest economic failures of our generation,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber. “We are eager to share the innovative ideas in our new Transportation2030 report. This data will help drive the conversation as we work to improve our state’s transportation infrastructure.”

The report contains a total of 22 recommendations for strengthening Missouri’s road, port, air and rail assets. It launched during the kickoff of the Missouri Chamber’s annual transportation summit, where speakers included Gov. Mike Parson, MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna, report author Ted Abernathy and transportation thought leaders from across the nation.

Transportation2030: Making Missouri A Leading Logistics Hub is the latest spinoff study of Missouri 2030, the Missouri Chamber’s 15-year strategic initiative focused around four drivers: preparing the workforce, competing for jobs, connecting through infrastructure and uniting the business community. Previously released studies include Workforce2030 and Technology2030.

Findings include:

  • More robust and diversified funding is needed to address the estimated $825 million in unfunded transportation priorities annually.
  • There are opportunities to make our state more welcoming to public-private investment with incentive programs or matching funds, streamlined regulations, and improved collaboration.
  • Missouri could increase participation in rail and port improvements that are now largely made by the private sector.
  • Defining a policy for autonomous passenger vehicles and trucks will increase certainty for logistics companies investing in Missouri.
  • Missouri must create policies that increase certainty for site redevelopers to spur better use of old industrial properties.
  • The Container-On-Vessel initiative can greatly strengthen the appeal of containerized river freight by reducing shipping time and adding economies of scale.
  • Establishing a Midwest Air Cargo Hub to improve direct air freight connections with major markets can improve prospects for new and expanded industry, including foreign direct investment.
  • With a focus on investment in specialized skills training — most critically, transitioning displaced workers into logistics — Missouri can strengthen its competitive workforce position for years to come.

The full report is available for download at mocahmber.dreamhosters.com/transportation2030.

To request an interview regarding Transportation2030: Making Missouri A Leading Logistics Hub, please contact Karen Buschmann, Missouri Chamber Vice President of Marketing and Communications, at kbuschmann@mochamber.com or 573-634-3511.


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