October 18, 2018 Less than a minute read

The time is now — Yes on Prop. D

During a press conference with Gov. Mike Parson on Oct. 18, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry sent a clear message that to reach our economic potential, our state must invest in transportation by voting “Yes” on Proposition D on November 6.

Transportation funding has long been a priority of the Missouri Chamber and the state’s business community. A 2015 Gallup survey of more than 1,000 Missouri business leaders showed that only 37 percent were satisfied with the state’s roads and infrastructure. As a result, the Missouri Chamber made improving our state’s infrastructure one of the four drivers of its Missouri 2030 strategic plan.

“We are very appreciative of the leadership Gov. Mike Parson has shown on this issue. He made it clear from the first days of his administration that fixing our roads and bridges was a top priority. We agree and urge voters to approve Proposition D on November 6,” said Daniel P. Mehan, Missouri Chamber President and CEO. “Proposition D addresses our road funding problem in a smart way. It raises our state’s motor fuel tax by just 2.5 cents per year over four years. The monthly cost adds up to about $5 for Missouri drivers. While the investment is small, the return is huge. As a central state, Missouri’s economy thrives on our connections. We sit at the axis of trade across North America. Past generations built the highways, rail lines, river connections and air hubs that power Missouri’s economy today. Now it’s our turn to repair these vital assets and build the infrastructure needed to help our economy grow.”

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