March 10, 2022 Less than a minute read

Senate bill: Cut shipping costs with truck platooning

A Missouri Senate committee is considering legislation to reduce shipping costs by allowing truck platooning in Missouri.

Platooning allows trucks to drive closely behind one another, collectively reducing aerodynamic drag. Platooning requires special trucking technology that syncs the acceleration and breaking between the vehicles, ensuring a safe distance is maintained between the trucks.

The practice can lead to a meaningful reduction in fuel expenses, making shipping more efficient.

Truck platooning is allowed in most states, but Missouri prohibits the practice.

Senate Bill 1038 by Sen. Justin Brown, a Republican from Rolla, would legalize platooning in Missouri.

The bill would change a state law that requires trucks keep a 300-foot distance behind other vehicles. It would allow platooning vehicles to follow more closely.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry testified in support of this legislation.

For more information, contact Ross Lien, Missouri Chamber director of governmental affairs, at or 573-634-3511.


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