March 12, 2021 Less than a minute read

Creating a renewable gas program in Missouri

Legislation under discussion in the Capitol that would require the Public Service Commission to adopt a renewable natural gas program for gas corporations has passed committees in both the Senate and House.

This would allow for the deployment of technology to capture methane gas to be used as biogas, a renewable source of energy. The capture and use of biogases from landfills and agricultural operations improves the air quality near facilities while providing more energy for the state.

“The Missouri Chamber has a longstanding position to support an all-of-the-above approach to energy which includes renewable energy,” said Kara Corches, Missouri Chamber director of legislative affairs. “The advanced technology used to capture methane and convert into usable energy is a win-win for the state. Additionally, it allows businesses more choice in energy sources.”

The legislation is contained in Senate Bill 141 and House Bill 892, sponsored by Sen. Jason Bean and Rep. John Black, respectively.


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