April 7, 2022 2 min read

Our membership team — Ready to help you grow

To strengthen the work of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have expanded and enhanced the team that serves our thousands of members across the state.

The membership team at the Missouri Chamber is at the front lines of our outreach to the business community. They are dedicated to helping your business grow by connecting you to the Missouri Chamber’s broad set of resources and using your voice to inform and empower our work in the state capitol.

Because our voice is stronger when the business community is united, the membership team is also focused on growing our organization by recruiting new companies and deepening our relationship with our longstanding members — many of which have been a part of our organization for decades.

They also work to connect members with opportunities to engage with our growing, innovative foundation and political efforts. They can also help promote your businesses by featuring your services during Missouri Chamber programs or conferences.

Starting this week, our membership team is focusing their service to Missouri businesses based on three distinct regions:

Leisa Fox

St. Louis/Eastern Missouri
Leisa Fox, Vice President of Business Development

Leisa Fox joined the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry in February. A business owner and experienced non-profit leader, Fox brings decades of business development experience to the Missouri Chamber — including more than 10 years of service to at the Iowa Association of Business and Industry. She is excited to connect with business leaders across St. Louis and eastern Missouri and help improve our economic climate.

Chris Burruss

Central/Southern Missouri
Chris Burruss, Director of Investor Relations

Chris Burruss joined the Missouri Chamber in November of 2021 with a focus on connecting businesses with valuable promotional opportunities. His quick success has led the Missouri Chamber to expand his role into working with members across a broad region covering central and southern Missouri. Burruss, a Marine Corps veteran, has decades of business and association leadership experience with a special focus on the transportation industry. He lives in Jefferson City and works in the Missouri Chamber’s main office.

Brent Kahler

Kansas City/Western Missouri
Brent Kahler, Director of Membership

With more than 13 years of service to businesses in western Missouri, Brent Kahler has long been a vital part of the Missouri Chamber’s outreach to Kansas City and beyond. Kahler has built trust and recruited hundreds of members across the region, which has strengthened the Missouri Chamber’s voice in Jefferson City. A resident of Blue Springs, Kahler has deep, lifelong ties to the growing economy in Kansas City and western Missouri and is always excited to help new and growing businesses.

Click on your regional membership professional’s photo to send them a message, or contact them by phone at (573) 634-3511.


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