October 15, 2020 2 min read

Missouri Chamber PAC releases Nov. 3 endorsements

The Missouri Chamber Political Action Committee has released its full slate of endorsements ahead of the November 3 General election. As Missouri seeks to rebound from the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic it will be critical to elect leaders who are committed to rebuilding our economy and growing jobs in our state.

“We know that this has been a difficult year for many Missourians. As we head to the polls, we are asking Missourians to vote for candidates who are ready to come to Jefferson City and work on legislation to rebuild, revitalize and reimagine our state’s economy,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “I hope Missourians are excited about voting on November 3 because this election will have major implications for the future of our state. Let’s make sure we continue our state’s progress toward growth and economic competitiveness by supporting candidates endorsed by the Missouri Chamber Political Action Committee.”

At the top of the state ticket, the Missouri Chamber PAC is encouraging voters to elect Gov. Mike Parson.

Gov. Mike Parson

“Gov. Mike Parson is a champion for the state of Missouri,” said Mehan. “Since day one, he has focused his administration on growing our economy by enhancing our state’s efforts to prepare Missourians for the workforce. He is a tireless advocate for improving Missouri’s transportation infrastructure — a critical need for our state’s future. And as we work toward a strong recovery from this pandemic, Gov. Parson has consistently voiced support for measures to ensure opportunistic COVID-19 lawsuits don’t derail our economic revival. We look forward to continuing to work with Gov. Parson to help grow jobs and build a better Missouri.”

In the lieutenant governor’s race, the Missouri Chamber PAC is endorsing Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe.

“Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe has long been at the center of Missouri’s efforts to grow jobs and become more competitive for business growth,” said Mehan. “As a lawmaker he helped lead the charge on numerous pro-jobs efforts, including reforming Missouri’s job-crushing legal climate. Kehoe has also been a lead advocate for Missouri transportation infrastructure while also pushing for needed changes to the state’s unemployment insurance system. The Missouri Chamber PAC strongly supports Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe and encourages Missourians to support Lt. Gov. Kehoe on Nov. 3.”

The Missouri Chamber PAC is also endorsing 42 candidates for seats in the Missouri General Assembly.

­Missouri Senate endorsements:

District 1 David Lenihan
District 15 Andrew Koenig
District 19 Caleb Rowden


Missouri House endorsements:

District 4 Greg Sharpe
District 5 Louis Riggs
District 11 Brenda Shields
District 30 Jon Patterson
District 44 Cheri Toalson Reisch
District 47 Chuck Basye
District 48 Tim Taylor
District 49 Travis Fitzwater
District 50 Sara Walsh
District 54 Dan Houx
District 60 Dave Griffith
District 62 Bruce Sassman
District 65 Tom Hannegan
District 70 Paula Brown
District 73 Raychel Proudie
District 89 Dean Plocher
District 94 Jim Murphy
District 95 Michael O’Donnell
District 96 David Gregory
District 100 Derek Grier
District 103 John Wiemann
District 112 Rob Vescovo
District 113 Dan Shaul
District 114 Becky Ruth
District 116 Dale Wright
District 126 Patricia Pike
District 127 Ann Kelley
District 129 Jeff Knight
District 131 Bill Owen
District 133 Curtis Trent
District 134 Alex Riley
District 135 Steve Helms
District 136 Craig Fishel
District 137 John Black
District 138 Brad Hudson
District 145 Rick Francis
District 153 Darrell Atchison
District 161 Lane Roberts
District 163 Cody Smith



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