June 6, 2024 Less than a minute read

Missouri Chamber urges Gov. Parson to sign pro-business bills

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has written to Gov. Mike Parson to formally request his signature on several pro-business bills that the Missouri General Assembly sent to his desk during the 2024 legislative session.

Bills the Missouri Chamber urged the governor to sign were:

  • HB 1912 (McGirl) – Helping reduce the complexity of Missouri’s tax laws, making it easier and less expensive to operate a business in our state;
  • SB 748 (Hough) – Renewing a critical funding mechanism for sustaining essential health care services;
  • SB 754 (Luetkemeyer) – Deterring certain types of crime and increasing penalties for reckless celebratory gunfire;
  • SB 802 (Trent) – Incentivizing investors to finance small businesses in rural areas;
  • SB 872 (Eslinger) – Expanding broadband capacity in Missouri and making our energy grid stronger; and
  • SB 894 (Fitzwater) – Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in our state.

In addition, the Missouri Chamber has requested Gov. Parson’s signature on all budget bills. These contain a wide variety of transformational investments that will move Missouri forward in the global competition for jobs, including funding to:

  • Help employers upskill employees with short-term, industry recognized credentials;
  • Expand Interstate 44; and
  • Onshore vital industries, including semiconductor and active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing.

You can view all of the letters to Gov. Parson here.

According to Missouri law, the governor has 45 days to act on bills sent to his desk when the legislature has adjourned. Gov. Parson has a variety of actions available to him for each bill: sign it into law, veto it or take no action, resulting in the bill becoming law by default after the deadline has passed.


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