April 12, 2024 Less than a minute read

Missouri Chamber supports legislation to prevent local government overreach

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is backing legislation to prevent government overreach into business practices at the local level.

HB 2866, sponsored by Rep. Sherri Gallick (R-Belton), was recently heard in the House General Laws Committee.

Gallick’s bill says that local governments cannot pass policies or ordinances on several employment-related topics, including:

  • The information an employer or potential employer may request or exclude on an application;
  • Paid or unpaid leave time requirements;
  • The hours and scheduling that an employer is required to provide; and
  • Administrative or judicial remedies for wage, hour or benefit disputes.

“As legislators, we need to stop overreach that adds unnecessary regulations and hurts small businesses and workers,” Gallick said. “This is especially true in the hospitality industry or most service industries.”

“Whenever you have a uniform law across the state, we believe that’s a better policy,” said Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry Director of Legislative Affairs Phillip Arnzen. “That way you don’t have a patchwork of laws and regulations. That makes it less expensive to do business in the state.”

A companion bill, SB 1066, is sponsored by Sen. Ben Brown (R-Washington).

For more information, contact Arnzen at parnzen@mochamber.com or call (573) 634-3511.

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