April 21, 2023 Less than a minute read

Missouri Chamber successfully defends against job-killing business mandates

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has successfully defended Missouri employers against two anti-business pieces of legislation.

Earlier this week, the Missouri Chamber released a list of the top job-killing business mandates under consideration in the General Assembly.

Since its release, legislators in the House Emerging Issues Committee voted down HB 1169, sponsored by Rep. Holly Jones (R-Eureka), by a vote of 10-4. HB 1169 would have imposed new, extreme labeling requirements on Missouri products, including food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Additionally, this anti-science legislation would have driven up food prices, set up the potential for massive lawsuits and had a chilling effect on economic development in the state.

In the Senate Appropriations Committee, legislators removed the anti-diversity language from every House budget bill. The language, originally added by Rep. Doug Richey (R-Excelsior Springs) during House floor debate, banned state government spending on staff, vendors, consultants and programs associated with diversity, equity and inclusion. This language threatened a countless number of existing state contracts with private sector companies that provide vital services for Missourians. The Missouri Chamber will continue to monitor legislation to ensure that the anti-business language does not end up on any other bills this legislative session.

We applaud lawmakers in both the House and Senate for taking these courageous, common sense actions. By standing up for Missouri job creators, they have protected all Missourians’ ability to purchase products and ensured the continuation of essential government services.


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