November 2, 2022 Less than a minute read

Missouri Chamber provides summary of statewide ballot measures

There are five statewide measures on the Nov. 8 general election ballot in Missouri. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has summarized each one for informational purposes and highlighted the fiscal impact, if approved by voters.

Amendment 1 – State Investments

If approved, this gives the State Treasurer more flexibility by allowing the state to invest in municipal bonds. Additionally, this allows the General Assembly to add new investment vehicles for the treasurer to use. This was placed on the ballot by the legislature to increase the state’s return on investments and allow for greater diversification in its financial portfolio. 

Fiscal impact: Up to $2 million annually

Amendment 3 – Recreational Marijuana

If approved, this would allow for recreational use of marijuana for adults over 21 and levy a 6% sales tax for veterans programs. The initiative also decriminalizes possession of less than 10 grams and allows anyone with a non-violent marijuana related offense to apply for expungement.  The number of producer and distributor licenses will be limited to the same number allowed under the medical marijuana law.  The ballot language does not prohibit employers from disciplining, refusing to hire, or discharging employees for working while under the influence of marijuana.

Fiscal impact: Up to $40 million for the state and $13 million for local governments

Amendment 4 – Kansas City Police Department Funding

Requires that at least 25% of the general revenue collected by Kansas City shall be dedicated to the city police department. This issue arose when the city council voted to reallocate 5% of general revenue from the police department to other areas. 

Fiscal impact: None

Amendment 5 – Missouri Department of the National Guard 

Creates the Missouri Department of the National Guard. Currently, the National Guard is housed within the Department of Public Safety.

Fiscal impact: None

Constitutional Convention Question

The Missouri Constitution requires a statewide vote every 20 years to ask voters if the Missouri Constitution should be amended. 

Fiscal impact: None


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