April 21, 2023 Less than a minute read

Missouri Chamber priorities moving forward in the Senate

Three key legislative priorities for the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry are moving forward in the Senate.

This week, members of the Senate Governmental Accountability Committee gave approval to legislation aimed at helping businesses protect themselves from cyberattacks. HB 668, sponsored by Rep. Dan Houx (R-Warrensburg), creates a grant program for employers to help enhance their cybersecurity protection.

The bill also includes two other important tools for employers:

  • The Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Act offers four types of tax credits to expand the capacity of child care providers and help businesses offer child care benefits to support employee recruitment and retention.  
  • The upskill credentialing program provides grants to employers who help their employees earn short-term upskilling credentials in vital areas for Missouri’s economy.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a strong supporter of these three programs, deeming them critical in supporting Missouri in the global competition for jobs and talent.

For more information about this legislation, contact Missouri Chamber Vice President of Governmental Affairs Kara Corches at kcorches@mochamber.com or call 573-634-3511.


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