August 19, 2016 Less than a minute read

Missouri Chamber PAC: Mike Parson for Lieutenant Governor


The Missouri Chamber Political Action Committee has endorsed Mike Parson for lieutenant governor. This is the first time the Missouri Chamber PAC has offered an endorsement for lieutenant governor.

“Throughout his career as a lawmaker, Mike Parson has earned a positive reputation as a staunch supporter of Missouri’s business community and as one of our state’s lead advocates for policy to improve our economy,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “While the Missouri Chamber PAC typically does not endorse candidates for lieutenant governor, we believe Mike Parson’s candidacy is the right time to make our recommendation known: We urge Missouri voters to choose Mike Parson as our state’s next lieutenant governor.”

PAC EndorsedParson has an impressive pro-business record as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives and the Missouri Senate. He has earned a 93 percent pro-business vote rating during his Senate career, according to the Missouri Chamber’s latest vote ratings. He has also been honored with the Missouri Chamber’s Spirit of Enterprise Award. During the 2016 Legislative Session, he was a leader in working to pass legislation to improve Missouri’s litigation climate, an important goal of the Missouri Chamber’s Missouri 2030 strategic plan for growth.

“Lieutenant governor is a role that typically doesn’t generate many headlines. However, Missouri’s business community is keenly aware of the impact and influence this position has on policy in our state — especially considering the responsibility to cast tie-breaking votes in the Missouri Senate,” said Mehan. “We need our next lieutenant governor to stand up for the business community and to work to fulfil the goals of the Missouri 2030. Mike Parson is the right person for the job.”


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