July 9, 2024 Less than a minute read

Missouri Chamber PAC announces August 6 primary election endorsements

The Missouri Chamber PAC announced its support of 18 candidates for seats in the Missouri General Assembly ahead of the primary election on August 6, 2024.

The endorsed candidates are:

  • Senate District 3: Mike Henderson
  • Senate District 9: Barbara Washington
  • Senate District 21: Kurtis Gregory
  • Senate District 23: Phil Christofanelli
  • Senate District 27: Jamie Burger
  • Senate District 31: Dan Houx
  • Senate District 33: Travis Smith
  • House District 1: Jeff Farnan
  • House District 61: Bruce Sassmann
  • House District 81: Steve Butz
  • House District 99: Ian Mackey
  • House District 100: Philip Oehlerking
  • House District 111: Gary Bonacker
  • House District 113: Phil Amato
  • House District 116: Dale Wright
  • House District 123: Lisa Thomas
  • House District 143: Bennie Cook
  • House District 161: Lane Roberts

“There is a lot at stake in the August 6 primary election. As we seek to grow the economy and protect free enterprise in our state, we must elect pro-jobs lawmakers to the Missouri General Assembly,” said Roger Archibald, chairman of the Missouri Chamber PAC. “The dysfunction of the 2024 legislative session demonstrated the importance of electing candidates who are truly committed to serving the people of Missouri. These 18 candidates endorsed by the Missouri Chamber PAC will come to Jefferson City ready to take action to move Missouri forward.”

The Missouri Chamber PAC is the political action arm of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Missouri’s largest business association. The committee goes through a rigorous and deliberative candidate endorsement selection process, which includes analysis of candidate positions on key economic issues and incumbent candidate vote ratings.

Today’s endorsement announcement is a part of a larger Missouri Chamber PAC effort to elect pro-jobs, pro-business candidates who support private sector job creation and economic growth.

The Missouri Chamber PAC previously announced its support of Mike Kehoe for Missouri Governor and Lincoln Hough for Missouri Lieutenant Governor.

Additional announcements about candidate endorsements will be made ahead of the November general election.


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