November 9, 2022 Less than a minute read

Missouri Chamber investment in the election has positive outcome

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry invested more than $500,000 in the 2022 Election to help elect pro-business candidates. It is the most money the organization has ever deployed in political engagement and that effort is going to pay off for Missouri job creators, said Missouri Chamber President/CEO Dan Mehan.

“Missouri voters elected a strong slate of pro-jobs candidates in the 2022 Election – many of the candidates we supported,” Mehan said. “Elections matter and that is why the Missouri Chamber has taken a bigger role in election engagement. Having lawmakers who understand the importance of our job creators is critical for our state.”

Dan Mehan, Missouri Chamber President/CEO

The newly created Missouri Chamber Political Institute (MCPI) was the vehicle for impactful voter education. The MCPI analyzed candidate races, commissioned polling, conducted interviews with candidates, and invested in independent expenditures in key races. The MCPI ran extensive digital marketing campaigns that resulted in over 5.5 million impressions, in addition to print and earned media.

In a separate and distinct effort, the Missouri Chamber PAC provided funding directly to pro-jobs candidates. Nearly 80 percent of the candidates endorsed by the Missouri Chamber PAC were elected.



For more information on this issue, contact Kara Corches, Vice President of Governmental Affairs.

Kara Corches

Vice President of Governmental Affairs


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