July 11, 2023 2 min read

Missouri Chamber applauds Gov. Mike Parson as he signs pro-jobs legislation into law

On July 6, Gov. Mike Parson signed 31 pieces of legislation into law, including several priority bills of the business community that were supported by the Missouri Chamber. The bills were the last remaining pieces of legislation of the 2023 legislative session awaiting Gov. Parson’s review.

“The 2023 legislative session will go down as one of the more productive for Missouri job creators,” said Missouri Chamber President and CEO Dan Mehan. “Governor Parson’s action on these bills continues to demonstrate his commitment to strengthening Missouri’s economy.”

This week’s bill signings follow the governor’s action on the state’s operating budget last week. Gov. Parson signed into law multiple transformational investments strongly supported by the Missouri Chamber, including $2.8 billion to expand I-70 to three lanes in each direction across the state, $15 million to help onshore the manufacturing of semiconductors and active pharmaceutical ingredients, $16 million to support a project that demonstrates Missouri’s potential as a global leader in critical minerals, and $7 million for a multi-region cybersecurity training program.

Among the pro-jobs bills signed into law yesterday:

·       House Bill 417 (Rep. Mike Henderson): Creates a new workforce training program called “Upskill Credential” that will prepare Missourians for the jobs of today and tomorrow. The new training program will reimburse employers through competitive grants for upskilling employees with short-term, industry-recognized credentials.

·       Senate Bill 186 (Sen. Justin Brown): This bill will deter certain types of crime by strengthening penalties, as well as support the state’s efforts to recruit and retain law enforcement officers. Improving public safety is a top priority of the business community as rising crime hinders economic growth.

·       Senate Bill 20 (Sen. Mike Bernskoetter): Reauthorizes the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) tax deduction, which is a valuable tool that promotes employee ownership and fosters a positive business environment in our state.

·       House Bill 115 (Rep. Brenda Shields): Contains critical provisions that will help advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) practice to the full extent of their training and licensure. This will increase access to quality health care for all Missourians.

·        House Bill 402 (Rep. Mike Henderson): Contains the same APRN provisions as HB 115, as well as additional provisions that will alter the definition of a hospital in statute to include rural emergency hospitals. This modification will help improve health care access for rural communities, an essential factor in local economic development.

In addition to championing pro-business bills during the legislative session, the Missouri Chamber also defeated a litany of new proposed mandates on businesses.

“The Missouri Chamber will always defend free enterprise. No matter the issue, when government attempts to reach into business affairs, our position is simple – let business decide,” Mehan said.


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