June 1, 2022 Less than a minute read

Member feature: Black & Veatch mitigating health care deserts

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There are many people in this country, especially in rural areas, who still have little access to healthcare and have to travel long distances to reach a hospital or doctor’s office. These areas are called healthcare deserts. Many people have turned to telehealth in recent years, but some of these same rural areas without access to healthcare don’t have reliable internet to support telehealth. The problem of healthcare deserts was only made more obvious by the pandemic.

In order to mitigate this problem, Black & Veatch began to leverage its experience in engineering and infrastructure. They created Rapid Modular Health Solutions (RaMHS) which is a mobile and modular solution that provides infrastructure for a variety of healthcare needs. RaMHS units can easily be moved to different locations and can provide temporary or longer-term infrastructure depending on the need. They can be set up as an exam room, an office, a telehealth center, a full lab for testing, an imaging center, and more. This solution will help provide healthcare equity to all, by enabling healthcare providers to easily transport medical items to these areas and provide care to those in need. RaMHS units can also help facilities overcome space constraints, so they can serve more patients.

These units are currently in use across the country by a variety of health departments, laboratories, and doctors’ groups. The pandemic offered a much-needed push for change to the healthcare industry and brought to light many problems such as healthcare deserts. Decentralized healthcare options like this one are the future of healthcare equity.

To learn more, go to https://www.bv.com/solutions/bv-health-solutions