October 7, 2020 Less than a minute read

Missouri Chamber welcomes Jim Simpson as VP of Business Development

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to welcome Jim Simpson as Vice President of Business Development.

Simpson’s background includes participating in efforts to elect business-minded legislators and grow a business caucus. He also served a key role in a campaign to reform the workers’ compensation system which eliminated much of the fraud and waste and drastically reduced premiums for employers.

Simpson has previously served as the COO of two prominent statewide business associations, president and executive director of two different foundations, and president of a for-profit subsidiary, developing comprehensive leadership skills while serving as a key officer of these organizations. His non-profit background, combined with his experience as a small-business owner, has given him a unique perspective on all aspects of business acumen including raising capital, measuring customer/stakeholder outcomes, information technology, purchasing, human resources, and sales and marketing.


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