February 2, 2018 Less than a minute read

House passes visiting scholar certification bill

On Feb. 1, Rep. Kathy Swan’s bill making it easier for business leaders to teach special workforce courses passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 141-3.

Right now, business professionals who want to share their knowledge in Missouri classrooms can face a lengthy and expensive path to teacher certification. But under House Bill 1665, they could receive a one-year visiting scholar certificate that could be renewed twice.

This would help boost Missouri’s CAPS programs and other business-education partnership initiatives, which give high school students the opportunity to learn valuable workforce skills and test-drive careers before high school graduation.

The Missouri Chamber has been a longstanding advocate of the legislation and will continue to support it as it gets considered by the Senate.

“Growing and promoting business and education partnership initiatives is a top workforce priority. Streamlining the certification process will bring the expertise of more business professionals into our classrooms and help students translate classwork into practical job skills,” said Ryan Stauffer, Missouri Chamber director of workforce and education policy. “We’re grateful for Rep. Swan’s tireless efforts to advance this issue and we appreciate the House for taking such swift action on the bill.”

For more information, contact Stauffer at rstauffer@mochamber.com or 573.634.3511.

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