October 6, 2022 Less than a minute read

Help us make Missouri safer

To address an issue employers told us was a top priority for them, the Missouri Chamber is looking to put together a steering committee to deal with public safety issues.

In 2021, the Chamber did a poll of member CEO’s asking if crime was affecting economic competitiveness. Employers told us that crime was hurting the economy, affecting profitability, risk and access to employees and customers. 

With that in mind, the Chamber came up with eight recommendations to help address this issue. They include:

  • Deploy evidence-based and hot spot approaches to crime reduction
  • Increase and protect tools to support policing
  • Address substance misuse and mental health
  • Reduce recidivism among those on probation and parole
  • Improve training and employment opportunities for incarcerated individuals
  • Increase public safety staffing
  • Improve public perception of law enforcement
  • Increase prosecutorial consistency and transparency

If you or someone in your company would like to be a part of the steering committee to help find ways to reach these goals, please contact Karen Buschmann at kbuschmann@mochamber.com.


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