February 8, 2019 Less than a minute read

Gov. Parson welcomes Missouri Chamber Board of Directors

On Feb. 6, Gov. Parson welcomed the Missouri Chamber Board of Directors to his office to share his vision for workforce development and infrastructure investment.

“What we do in those two areas is going to determine where we’re going in the future of this state,” Parson said.

He went on to discuss some of the proposals he announced at the State of the State earlier this year, including investing in Missouri’s transportation system by funding the repair of 250 bridges across the state and the Department of Economic Development’s Best in Midwest workforce initiatives.

Parson encouraged board members to speak with their legislators and ask them to support these pro-jobs efforts.

“Those projects I’m talking about are shovel-ready jobs. That means you’re putting a lot of people to work and spending a lot of money in the state of Missouri,” Parson said. “So those are the priorities and you guys all play a key role in how we get that done.”

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