November 9, 2022 Less than a minute read

Employers must prepare as voters pass Amendment 3 to legalize recreational marijuana

Missouri voters have legalized recreational marijuana in the state. Amendment 3 will change existing provisions regarding medical marijuana use, as well as allow individuals aged twenty-one years and older to legally possess, purchase, consume and cultivate marijuana recreationally. 

The amendment will take effect in December 2022, however, the earliest businesses could sell recreational marijuana products would be February 2023.

That gives Missouri employers little time to prepare. In the coming weeks, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide webinars and resources to help our members plan for the implementation of the new law.

It’s important to note: Missouri employers still retain the right to prohibit alcohol and drug use in the workplace, and employers can take action against employees that come to work impaired from off-duty use of marijuana. However, the law does provide more workplace protections for those who have medical marijuana cards and creates uncertainty around pre-employment drug testing.

Bottom line: The law will have an impact on Missouri employers and they will want to review existing policies and potentially make updates to address this change in the law. Be on the lookout for a variety of resources provided by the Missouri Chamber to help employers navigate this new law.


For more information on this issue contact Heidi Sutherland, Director of Legislative Affairs.

Heidi Sutherland

Director of Legislative Affairs


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