October 31, 2018 2 min read

A pro-business guide to the Nov. 6 election

There’s a lot at stake for Missouri businesses this election. That’s why we put together a quick summary of the Missouri Chamber’s stances on ballot items and PAC candidate endorsements so you’ll know what choices have the potential to help or harm Missouri employers when you go to the polls on Nov. 6. Now let’s jump right in!

Prop D: Increase funding for transportation
Chamber Position: Support, vote yes

Prop D is vital to the future of our transportation system. Prop D will send more funds to MoDOT (and your local community!) to fix dangerously outdated roads and bridges as well as fund important new safety improvements. It will also create more jobs in construction and related industries. Revenue from Prop D has strict oversight and accountability measures, and it will be required to be independently audited to protect taxpayers.

Learn More:

The Time Is Now – Yes on Prop D



Amendment 1: Change redistricting laws
Chamber Position: Oppose, vote no

Backed by anti-business activists and funded by millions in dark money, Amendment 1 is an underhanded attempt to tinker with Missouri’s constitution and redraw the lines that define how Missouri is divided into districts. If passed, it could lead to a radical shift in priorities in state government, opening the door to higher taxes and more bureaucratic regulation. It could also reverse long-running efforts to make our state business friendly and competitive for growth and investment opportunities.

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“Fleece Missouri” Infographic

Dan Mehan’s Letter to the Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Amendment 1 would make Missouri politics more partisan”

Legislative Races

View all of the Missouri Chamber PAC’s endorsements here to see which of your district’s House and Senate candidates are strong supporters of the business community.

Prop B: Minimum wage hike
Chamber Position: Oppose, vote no

Why: Raising the state’s minimum wage would create a substantial new burden on businesses across the state. These costs could shutter small employers, leading to significant job losses.

Learn More:

Chamber Not in Support of Minimum Wage Hike

Amdt. 2/Amdt. 3/Prop C: Medical marijuana

Any of these marijuana ballot items could create unwelcome uncertainty for employers and open businesses up to additional legal peril — a big concern in a state already rated as having one of the most unfriendly legal climates in the nation. If medical marijuana becomes legal in Missouri, employers will have to decide how to alter their employment practices. There is reason for concern because there are potentially harsh legal consequences to the decisions business leaders make in response to the fact that some employees could legally use marijuana. The Missouri Chamber urges voters to consider all sides of this issue when they decide whether or not to bring legal medical marijuana to our state — balancing potential benefits against the need to continue our work to make Missouri competitive for job growth and business expansion opportunities.

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