MEMBER DISCOUNTSHRSIMPLE.COM DISCOUNTS is a live online and hard copy resource designed to help you manage your most important resource: your employees. A Wikipedia for HR, but from authors you know and trust — Constangy Brooks Smith & Prophete LLP — and in plain English.

The Missouri Human Resources Library includes:

  • A hard copy book and online subscription to the Missouri Human Resources Manual, which covers everything from pre-hire through post-termination. Use this as your go-to guide when you need a quick answer on any HR topic.
  • An online subscription to Model Policies and Forms for Missouri Employers, a collection of over 150 Human Resources forms, checklists and sample policies that you can download and customize in Microsoft Word. Use it to build and maintain your employee handbook.
  • A subscription to HRUpdate, a weekly e-newsletter that lets you know what’s new in the HR world every week.
  • Free access to SHRM and HRCI certified webinars on popular HR topics such as employee documentation, COVID-19 in the workplace and I-9 compliance.

Keeping up with employment regulations is complex work for any size of business. But good human resources guidance can help employers steer clear of costly lawsuits and legal fees. Fortunately, the Missouri Human Resources Library, your solution to this problem, is now available.

Missouri Chamber members receive 20 percent off. Enter code momem21 at to receive your discount. For more information, please contact Ana Hobson, marketing for the American Chamber of Commerce Resources, at or Tammy Long, Director of the Missouri Chamber Federation.

Tammy Long

Vice President of Programs and Business Services