The COVID Stops Here campaign recognizes Missouri workplaces that have achieved widespread vaccination. We are celebrating employers that are leading the fight against this virus — and encouraging more Missouri workplaces to join their ranks.

As we urgently work to stop the spread of coronavirus — including the dangerous new Delta variant — employers are playing a very important role.

We strongly encourage employers across Missouri to talk to their staff members about the need to get vaccinated and keep track as more staff members get the shot.

Then, as your workplace vaccination rate reaches at least 70%, let us know! We will help celebrate your achievement and use your success to encourage other employers to do the same.

Workplaces that meet the requirements for a COVID Stops Here designation will receive a media kit to help promote your designation at your workplace and in your community.

Together we can defeat this virus. COVID stops here!


Receive a COVID Stops Here designation for your business:


Workplace Vaccination Leaders

Silver workplaces — 80—89% vaccinated

Bronze workplaces — 70—79% vaccinated