August 6, 2020 Less than a minute read

Ameren offering incentives to businesses for installing EV charging stations

As Ameren Missouri works to expand the electric vehicle (EV) charging station network in the state, they have announced that customer businesses interested in installing EV charging stations at their locations can cut their project cost in half.

Through their Charge Ahead Program, Ameren Missouri business customers can apply for incentives to offset up to 50 percent of the costs of installing EV charging stations.

Many employers are installing the stations at their facilities to allow customers to plug in their vehicle while shopping. They provide an important benefit to employees, customers, and local communities while helping to establish the business as a leader in sustainability and innovation.

It’s predicted that road trips will account for 97% of the favored travel this summer. With more people choosing road travel instead of air travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, this effort will help add fast-charging stations to keep road users’ electric vehicles powered.

“With the Charge Ahead program, we expect to help businesses install 1,000 EV charging stations at 350 locations around Missouri,” said Bryan Shannon, Ameren Missouri business development manager.

To learn more about electric vehicle programs and incentives, email or visit Electric Vehicles for Business.


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