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State prepares to launch proactive workforce development initiative

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The Missouri Office of Workforce Development is preparing an innovative plan to help employers confront the worker shortage.

The program will send automated text messages to unemployed Missourians about state services they can use to help find jobs. State employees will also be making phone calls to share job search resources.

“We’re going to go after them, but the idea is we want to increase awareness and access to our services. So we can be more proactive than reactive. That’s not usually how government functions,” Office of Workforce Development Director Mardy Leathers told the St. Louis Business Journal.

Rather than simply providing information on a state website many job seekers aren’t aware of, or waiting for unemployed people to visit one of Missouri’s job centers, Leathers wants to take the state’s employment resources to them. Missouri offers services including free training and education vouchers.

The program aims to serve about 100,000 Missourians annually and is expected to launch late this month.

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