Dream It. Do It.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is working to put manufacturing careers on the map by facilitating the Dream It. Do It. program in Missouri.

MO DIDI LOGOEstablished in 2005, Dream It. Do It. is a national, grassroots effort aimed at raising the perception of manufacturing jobs and recruiting the next generation manufacturing workforce. The program is provided by the Manufacturing Institute, an affiliate of National Association of Manufacturers.

As the state-wide facilitator of Dream It. Do It., the Missouri Chamber will promote and facilitate activities that increase awareness of the abundant opportunities in manufacturing and technology fields.

The Missouri Chamber’s work with Dream it. Do it. includes several programs and services that businesses and schools can readily put to use:

  • Manufacturing Day: An annual celebration of manufacturing in Missouri and across the country each October
  • Show-Me Manufacturing Video Contest: Students are challenged to create videos answering the question “What’s so cool about manufacturing?”
  • Ambassador Programs: Making key employees a critical part of your recruiting effort
  • Regional Hubs: Empowering communities with resources to address local workforce needs

DIDI MO Student Flyer-2

Student brochure

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Parent brochure

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Counselor brochure

To learn more, contact Brian Crouse, Vice President of the Education Programs at (573) 634-3511 or by email at