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Protecting Missouri’s transportation investment

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Missouri’s economy is set to receive a major boost as 2021 legislation championed by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry will trigger the investment of billions into our transportation infrastructure.

The bill would phase in an increase in the gas tax by 2.5 cents each year over five years. The legislation also phases in increased fees on electric vehicles. This transportation funding package was backed by a strong, bi-partisan coalition in the Missouri General Assembly — with support from the broad Missouri Can’t Wait coalition spearheaded by the Missouri Chamber.

An economic impact study found that when we modernize our transportation system through this legislation, we are creating a $1.8 billion positive impact on Missouri’s economy .That translates to roughly $500 million per year in additional funding for critical projects at the state, county and local level. This legislation is also projected to create $722 million in additional earnings across the state and generate more than 17,000 jobs.

Despite this positive progress, there is a persistent effort in the General Assembly by lawmakers who want to repeal this investment.

Given the importance of our transportation system to our economic future, the Missouri Chamber is working to defend this critically-needed funding. And we are urging the Missouri business community to speak up and help protect our progress.

And remember: contributing to this investment is already completely optional for Missouri drivers. Anyone who doesn’t want to see transportation improvements in our state can use the built-in rebate provision and get their dollars back. However, the Missouri Chamber believes that most drivers won’t mind paying a little more at the pump to ensure our roads and bridges will be safe and reliable for years to come.

How you can help: Tell your lawmakers to protect our transportation investment!

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