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New report finds Missourians lose $8B on rough & congested roadways yearly, highlights need for transportation investment

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A new report has found that drivers lose $8 billion yearly on Missouri’s roadways due to rough roads, congestion and lack of some safety features. In some areas, the cost is as high as $1,917 per driver.

Increased investment is needed to improve transportation system conditions and safety, relieve congestion-related travel delays, and support long-term economic growth in the state, according the report by TRIP, a national transportation research nonprofit.

Emphasized in the report’s release was the fact that this year, MoDOT was rated second in the U.S. for most efficient state transportation department, despite severely limited resources — an annual shortfall of $825 million. Clearly Missouri’s transportation issues stem not from poor performance by the department, but simply from the lack of funding.

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“The TRIP report confirms what we know about the deficiencies in the condition of our transportation system in Missouri – there are not enough resources to properly maintain it,” said Patrick McKenna, director of MoDOT. “Missouri’s basic infrastructure condition will continue to get worse until the proper funding is addressed.”

The Missouri Chamber is leading the charge to address this issue in the upcoming legislative session, driven by its Transportation2030 Report. The report contains a total of 22 recommendations for strengthening Missouri’s road, port, air and rail assets.

“Our transportation infrastructure could be one of the greatest economic opportunities for our state — or one of the greatest economic failures of our generation,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber. “Investment in our transportation system is one of the top priorities in our 2021 Legislative Agenda, and we look forward to working with lawmakers to achieve funding solutions for Missouri’s transportation needs.”

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