Stop job-killing COVID-19 Lawsuits

Missouri employers have taken a devastating hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses, schools and health care facilities must be able to safely open — and remain open — so our economy can recover and employees can provide for their families.

There is a growing threat of litigation that is stopping many businesses from reopening and keeping Missouri workers on the sidelines of this recovery. Trial attorneys currently have the power to take companies to court and allege that someone contracted coronavirus at their facility.

Missouri employers that take measures to create a safe environment for customers and employees should not have to worry about crippling COVID-19 exposure lawsuits as they try to re-open and get business back to normal.

We are asking Missouri lawmakers to pass much-needed COVID-19 liability protections. Action is needed now to protect organizations that are doing the right thing and following safe operating practices.

The Missouri Chamber is leading the charge on this critically important issue. More than 800 organizations and individuals have already joined our call for action. But your voice is also needed!

Two things you can do:

  • 1. Share your story using the form below. Why does your business need COVID-19 liability protections? How will not having these protections impact your business?
  • 2. Contact your lawmakers and urge them to support COVID-19 liability protections using our easy messaging tool.

When you sign this form, comments left in the “Why are COVID-19 lawsuit protections important to your organization” field will also be shared publicly, including on social media, to help raise awareness for the need to act. Thank you!