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Transportation Future Summit: Governor, stakeholders gather in Columbia

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Improving our state’s transportation infrastructure is critical to Missouri’s economic future. With this in mind, Gov. Mike Parson, statewide transportation advocates and national experts met in Columbia on Feb. 14 to continue the discussion about making needed enhancements and investments in our system.

During the 2019 Transportation Future Summit, Gov. Parson laid out his vision to use approximately $350 million in bonding to repair and improve the state’s bridges. He described Missouri’s transportation system as a vital asset that needs investment if the state wants to be competitive for business investment.

The Transportation Future Summit is hosted by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Missouri Chamber is leading the discussion about transportation in Missouri through the Missouri 2030 strategic initiative. Improving our state’s transportation infrastructure is one of four drivers identified in Missouri 2030 as crucial to Missouri’s future. Gallup research that informs Missouri 2030 shows that only 37 percent of Missouri business leaders are satisfied with our state’s basic infrastructure.

“We can’t overstate how important transportation infrastructure is to Missouri’s future. We live in a state with unique economic advantages due to our interstate connections, rail hubs, river ports and airports developed in the past. But we can’t afford to sit idle. The 2019 Transportation Future Summit is designed to help inspire action and build a stronger coalition to push for the improvements we need to see in our transportation system,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “I’d like to thank Gov. Mike Parson and all our speakers and attendees for making transportation infrastructure a priority. The business community is united behind this effort. If we can continue to build on this momentum, we are optimistic that Missouri will be able to build the transportation system we need for our future.”

Watch highlights from the summit below.

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