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Senate hears ride sharing legislation

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House bill 1563, sponsored by Rep. Elijah Haar, a Republican from Springfield, was heard in the Senate Small Business committee. The bill aims to bring Missouri up to speed with ride sharing technology and allow consumers more choices.

Ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft utilize smartphone technology to allow people to make money by offering rides in their own vehicles. These companies give consumers more choices and price options.

Missouri currently has outdated laws that are catered to traditional taxi services, and new legislation could bring Uber and Lyft to cities all across the state allowing for an economic boom.

The House of Representatives gave first round approval to a bill that would establish the state’s insurance requirements for these companies. House Bill 1563 says that when an Uber driver signs on and becomes available for riders, the insurance liability shifts to Uber. However, when the driver signs off of the Uber network and begins driving their car for personal purposes, their personal insurance kicks in.

The committee substitute also works to establish a regulatory framework for companies like Uber and Lyft. It would require an annual permit from the Missouri Department of Revenue. It would also require drivers to be at least 19 years old and have good driving records, among other regulations.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports the effort to open this industry to new technologies and greater competition. Brad Green, director of legislative and regulatory affairs for the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, testified in favor of the bill.

“We support these type of private innovative efforts that transportation network companies bring to the marketplace and recognize the need for reasonable regulation and we urge the committee to approve this bill,” Green said.

For more information about transportation issues, contact Brad Green, Missouri Chamber director, at bgreen@mochamber.com or by phone at 573.634.3511.

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