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Missouri Senate perfects statewide PDMP bill

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Missouri is the only state in the nation lacking a statewide prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP), which allows medical professionals to view what prescriptions their patients have been taking before they prescribe. Having access to this information empowers doctors to detect drug abuse early and provide appropriate care for patients at risk of addiction.

Longtime PDMP advocate Sen. Holly Rehder (R-Scott City) is championing the issue with Senate Bill 63. After a lengthy debate on the floor, the Missouri Senate perfected the bill this week.

The Missouri Chamber has been a strong supporter of PDMP legislation alongside Rehder. The bill is also a legislative priority of the Missouri Chamber Federation, a grassroots network of local chambers across the state. A statewide program would serve as a critical tool physicians and pharmacists need to identify patients who pill shop. It would not only help prevent deaths and address the trends of addiction in our state, it will also help lower costs associated with prescription drug abuse for employers.

Missouri currently has a county-by-county PDMP. SB 63 would remedy this patchwork approach with a statewide database. It would also provide further privacy protections by creating a task force composed of licensed medical professionals to oversee the data.

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