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Senate committee approves bill to stop asbestos claim “double-dipping”

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A Senate committee has approved a bill to stop trial lawyers from “double-dipping” in asbestos lawsuits. There is growing concern that trial attorneys are depleting asbestos trust resources while also suing companies that were peripheral to the asbestos exposure.

Senate Bill 69 would address this problem.

“We have attorneys that are naming, say, hardware stores, plumbing distributors, electric switch manufacturers,” said Sen. Lincoln Hough, a Republican from Springfield who sponsored the bill.

SB 69 would allow for the fair allocation of fault and ensure plaintiffs receive fair compensation for their injuries, while not letting trial attorneys pursue multiple avenues of recovery. It would also prevent the depletion of limited trust fund resources so that future claimants will still be able to receive compensation.

Sen. Hough said 15 states have already passed similar legislation.

“I think what this really does is creates fairness not only for the claimant but also for the businesses associated with this litigation,” he said.

The Missouri Chamber continues to advocate for this important bill as it progresses through the legislature.

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