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Senate backs effort to end Missouri/Kansas economic border war

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The Missouri Senate has passed a measure to end the practice of poaching jobs back and forth across State Line Road in Kansas City.

Both Missouri and Kansas have been expending public funds to incentivize businesses to make a short move across the border — with little actual job growth for either state.

That’s led to calls for both states to call a truce. Similar efforts in the past have not been successful. However, there is hope that with new leadership in both states, the time is right to finally come to an agreement.

The Senate agrees and has passed Senate Bill 182. This bill, sponsored by Sen. Mike Cierpiot, a Republican from Lee’s Summit, revives the effort to have the states come to an agreement.

“In the period from 2011 to 2017, the estimate is over $70 million of public funds have been used by the two states for relocating existing businesses across the state line with almost no new net job creation from either state,” Cierpiot said, during a hearing on his bill.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has testified in support of this measure alongside the Hall Family Foundation and several prominent Kansas City-area businesses including Cerner, Hallmark, Burns & McDonnell and JE Dunn Construction.

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